Your Wish for the Best Game Boosting

It is unlikely that someone will
buy One X just because of the appearance. We get the most powerful components
in the history of game consoles is well, until the release of the next versions
this year. Inside is an 8-core processor with a clock frequency of 2.3 GHz and
x86 architectures.

The Right Solutions

The only drawback of the Xbox
hardware is its 1 TB hard drive. Twice as much space as one is good, but still
not sufficient for those who often buy online games. Even if you simply
download titles from Xbox Live with Gold status that the publisher releases
every month, the memory will fill up pretty quickly. Moreover, uncompressed
acoustic files and 4K materials greatly increase their volume is sometimes even
exceeding the 100 GB mark. As you go for the valorant boosting you can find the best

Great home-based theater device

The Microsoft Xbox One X retains
all the One S connectors, so the console can also be used as a 4K BluRay
player. The device has an HDMI input and output, as well as 3 USB 3.0 port is two
in front and one in the back is through which you can connect a mouse, keyboard
or external drive. There is also an IR-out As well as S / PDIF connector for
connecting a speaker system. Complementing the set is the good old Ethernet

  • The device also supports the connection of an
    external speaker system that complies with the Dolby Atmos standard. This means
    that sound is reflected off the ramparts and the ceiling to create a motion effect,
    although such systems are expensive. There are the headphones that can simulate
    a similar sound, but all are also not cheap.
  • Like the S version, the Xbox One X do not really
    have a separate Kinect connector. When switching from a regular One, you will
    need a special Kinect-USB adapter. This is a noticeable drawback, although
    given the fact that Microsoft has stopped releasing this controller, the lack
    of a connector for it should not be surprising.


Games work better Still, the main
feature for which it’s still worth buying the Xbox One X is an upgrade to the
games. But the improvements will be noticeable only if the developers spent
extra time as well as optimized their product for new hardware. Microsoft gives
these games Xbox One with Enhanced status, and they maximize the potential of
the updated console.