Winter and the Best Curly Hair Options for You Now

When winter welcomes you, curly and frizzy hair starts to suffer even more from dryness, frizz, uncontrolled volume and with a brittle appearance. That’s where specific care for that time of year comes in. We have separated the tips for you to put into practice and leave the curls soft, shiny and with a greater amount of day after. Check out.

Every type of hair needs specific care in winter. The curly and curly, then, need more care for several reasons: it is that they are naturally drier, and the cold climate only causes them to lose even more natural oil necessary to give shine and softness. At this time, a super important tip to hydrate the hair more and soften the frizz is to avoid washing the curls with hot water, since the high temperature can dry out even more. Take a look at the list and learn the essential care for any type of plopping curly hair.

Bet On The Pre-Poo

Is that the product, as essential as washing, can also remove the natural oil from the threads. This pre-shampoo can be made with finishing oils , masks and even conditioners, that is, what you find most practical: the idea is to apply the product on the hair about 5 to 15 minutes before the bath, let it act and, afterwards , apply the shampoo as usual. In this way, the risks of dryness decrease.

What Is Wetting And What Is It For?

Have you ever heard of hair moistening? The technique is nothing more than applying a vegetable oil, such as coconut or argan oil, for example, on all hair, from root to ends, and leave it on for about 2 hours. The product will moisturize the curls deeply, softening the frizz, giving more shine and ensuring nutrients that external aggressions remove from the wires. After those 2 hours, the tip is to remove all the oil from the hair with the help of a conditioner, instead of the shampoo.

Fit Makes The Curls Last Longer

Fitagem is a finishing technique dear to those who love several day after, which is great in winter, when the interval between washes should be longer. The cool thing is that, because you need a greater amount of cream to comb, the hair is also more hydrated. To do this, divide the hair into 4 parts. Then, apply the cream along the entire length of the strand, strand by strand, separating it with your fingers, as if they were ribbons. Then, “knead” the lock from the ends to the root. Repeat step by step on all strands and, at the end, let it dry naturally or with a diffuser.

Spray: Your Capillary Ally In Winter

Having a spray bottle on hand is what will guarantee a more beautiful day after in winter. The tip is to make a mixture of water, oil and cream to style to give an “up” to the curls that have lost their definition over the days. You can spray all hair or choose a few strands to moisten and define the curls with your fingers, for example.

Sleep In A Cap

Protecting curls at bedtime is a valid trick to prolong the definition of curls and, of course, protect the frizz threads caused by friction with the pillowcase.