What Kind of Care Giving Is Possible with Curly Hair

The natural
beauty is one of the major trends of the moment and represents a major change
in female behavior in relation to the locks. More and more, women are saying
goodbye to constant straightening and adhering to curly hair in search of the
perfect curls. The curls are really everything, but making them beautiful and
well defined sometimes seems like a big challenge. After all, curly hair is
generally more undisciplined, isn’t it?

But calm down,
because we have good news! Although it seems difficult, there are some tricks
that make routine maintenance of this type of hair much easier. Follow below
the tips we have prepared to make the curls perfect and realize that taking
care of them can be more practical than you think. In this curly
hair care guide
you can have the best choices now.

To have healthy and well-defined curls, there are a
few tricks:

Choose the right cut

The right cut is
the starting point for perfect curls with good definition. Thinking about it,
the tip is that you talk to your hairdresser so that together you can determine
what is best for your specific case.

But it is worth
emphasizing that, commonly, the most suitable for curly hair are the layered
cuts and with medium length (just below the shoulder) – which make the strands
lighter and looser.

Wash with cold water

The cold water
is a great ally of the perfect curls , as it boosts the brightness and natural
hydration. So, who knows how to change this little habit when washing? A tip
for those who cannot take a cooler bath is to invest in a jet of very cold
water at the end of the wash. This “thermal shock” activates the hair
fiber and promotes good results.

Don’t wash your hair every day

Did you know
that washing can help dry the hair? Therefore, washing them daily is not the
best alternative for those who want to have perfect curls. This habit prevents
the natural oils from reaching the ends, leaving them increasingly opaque and
lifeless. So, try the “every other day” rule and evaluate the results.

Bet on the leave-ins

The leave-ins
are one of the important secrets for those who want to ensure perfect curls.
This product acts as a kind of conditioner, but must be applied to the hair
after the bath (the action is without rinsing).

It helps to
hydrate the yarn and shape it more efficiently than traditional creams. The
special tip is to take advantage of the application to activate the curl shape,
so pass the product as if you were “kneading” the hair.

When possible, opt for natural drying

It is
recommended to keep some distance from the hair dryer, as this accessory tends
to retain moisture, making the strands smoother. Furthermore, excessive heat
tends to damage the ends and dry out the hair fiber in the long run. So,
whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally.