What Are Your Thoughts on Moving

Before making your move, you should think about what time of year you are going to do it. Plan it well because, for example, you should know that in summer around 15-20% more moves are usually made than in other seasons. Winter is when they are least performed. For example, if you have little free time or your economy is not the best, it is good to take these data into account.

Family with boxes moving into new home smiling

It is evident that summer is when most moves are made. The reason is clear, it is when we usually have more vacations and if you have children it is when they have school vacations and it is useful not to disturb them on their school days.

  • It is for this reason that, if you have small children, we recommend that you move in the summer. If this is not the case, do it outside of the hot months as it may save you money and you will not have a problem with your moving company.
  • So you know, count on when making your move. Their experience and guarantee of success endorse us. We will recommend when to start.
  • Your international removal should start with a call, an e-mail or a fax to their offices informing them of the origin and the destination of your removal.

When making a move we must always take into account how we are going to decorate our new home, with everything that this includes in terms of walls, floors or even electrical appliances. To do this, we have to organize ourselves well before starting the move. At denver moving company they want to give you some advice so that the nerves and the possible stress that the move may entail does not prevent you from doing things in the best possible way. Today we want your furniture to not suffer any damage during your move:

The main threat when starting a move is usually that your furniture suffers some scratches, especially the most important or special for each one. We recommend that you wrap them in bubble wrap or some towels.

If any of your furniture is removable, the ideal is that you disassemble it whole and keep its parts, as well as screws, nuts and separate parts so as not to lose them. When you are in your new home, it is very important that you keep that box with all the pieces very close to the furniture that corresponds to it so that you can later locate it without having many headaches.


It is essential that all the parts of the furniture that can be opened or slid during the move, for example the drawers, we close them well with adhesive tape. Previously, you must close the entire furniture as we have discussed previously with plastic so as not to damage it with the adhesive tape.