Smart Backlinking and Its Results

Among the most important criteria in backlinking is the theme. In short, a good link should come from a page with the same theme as that of the landing page. The reverse is true: make links to pages with the same theme.

Theme by site or by page?

Even if Google determines the general theme of a site, it is page by page that this analysis makes sense. To know if a link from page A to page B makes sense (and should therefore greatly help the visibility of page B in the SERPs), A and B must have a similar theme.

Certainly, it is excellent to have a backlink from a niche site on exactly the same theme as the page that receives the link.

But it’s also great to have a backlink from a general site, as long as it’s on a page that really deals with the same thing. Take the example of an article published on a press site: if the subject addressed directly concerns the page that receives the link, that’s all good. As you buy backlinks   you will be able to have the best choices there.

Note: this is far from new, it’s been in Google’s algorithm for a very long time

Inbound links AND outbound links

  • In general, when you think about the theme of the pages for backlinking, you think above all to check if the theme of the page which makes you a link is identical to yours.
  • But understand that this concerns links in both directions: if the theme of page A which makes the link is too different from page B which receives the link, this is harmful not only for page B but also for page A.
  • You should therefore check whether it is too frequent on your site that you make outgoing links outside of the theme.

Last point: an outgoing link can point to another site (external outgoing link) or to another page of the same site (internal outgoing link). There too, you may have forgotten it, but you should avoid making internal links to pages whose theme is too different. Let’s take the example of an ecommerce site: on the product sheet of a shirt, do not link to a product sheet of a TV even if you also sell it (and that this TV is currently a best seller).

Are all pages affected?

Not quite: don’t worry if you link to a legal notice page, it is normal that the “theme” is not identical.


It is important that the theme is the same when it comes to links between 2 pages used for SEO. Conversely, pages that do not have a specific theme such as legal notices, the contact page, etc. are not affected.