Instagram and What may Come Out Of It

Beginners will have to come up with something creative so as not to get lost among similar bloggers. In the case of unsubscribes, you can read the article, find out the reasons and use the tips to increase the blog activity.

Likes will no longer be visible to users

  • In 2020, Insagram will hide the likes.
  • The number of hearts under the post for users has already been completely disabled in several countries, and popular pages are faced with innovation around the world.
  • So the developers of Instagram want to shift the focus from the number of likes to the quality of the content. For account owners, the metric will be available and will remain the metric.
  • When there will be a complete “refusal” of likes – it is not known, but it is very likely that in 2020.

“But we all rolled up the likes and chased after them … What now to do?”

Chasing likes is still necessary, since this is a signal about the quality of the content. They will definitely remain in the content ranking formula. They can continue to wind up, but more meaningfully for the technical side. For marketing purposes (the more likes, the more they buy) will no longer work. You can buy instagram views and come up with the best choices now.

If anything, then we noticed the following limits for cheating, which do not lead to a ban:

  • Accounts from 6 months.
  • 1000 likes per day, but not more than 60 publications per hour.
  • new pages – start at 100 per day and increase by 50 daily, but no more than 500 per day.
  • In a detailed article on Instagram limits, you will learn a lot of interesting things about cheating.

Attention from likes will shift towards involvement: comments, reposts, reach. The number of subscribers will remain one of the key indicators.

In 2020, you will have to try to bring the user to a dialogue, subscription and instill a desire to share content.

Masks will become advertising

Additional filters in the form of masks were liked by instagram users. Masks in Insta-Storiz are a good place for business development. For example, advertising cosmetics. The girl selects the desired mask and “tries on” the necessary lipstick, eyeliner and blush. So you can advertise glasses, hairstyles, clothes and much more.

Text quality remains important

  • Quality texts on Instagram tips for writingIn addition to beautiful pictures, a blog needs a high-quality text component. If this is a blogger, then you need interesting, capacious stories about his life, thoughts or useful tips.
  • For a business, you need to write not just promotional texts, but create interesting storytellingwith the history of the brand, things, a description of the working moments.

For the success of the page you need to constantly interact with subscribers. At the end of each post, it is advisable to ask questions or try to bring the follower to a dialogue by other means, communicate and always be sure to answer all comments.

“Backstage” video content will gain popularity

In 2019, this trend showed high results in audience engagement. In 2020, the trend will only grow. It is not necessary to have professional equipment. A smartphone camera will be enough. Popular topics for the video: the “behind the scenes” life of a business, travel and adventures of a blogger, comic clips, practical jokes, beautiful and unusual product advertising, beauty tips.