Great Options for the Best of Carpet cleaning

Keeping the house clean, and specifically the rugs that decorate the living room or living room, can become a never-ending and difficult task, especially because of the effort involved in this work and because many times when you finish cleaning, you quickly check that the dirt appears again.

Fortunately, technology, as it happens in other areas of the day to day such as work or training Рhas carved a niche in this niche. This is the case with carpet vacuums. Thus, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of proposals and features, with the added advantage that they save time and make everything easier than it seems. The hoover smartwash automatic carpet cleaner  works perfect in this case.

What models have chosen?

To carry out this comparison we have set a maximum budget of 130 euros and, in addition, we have made a double distinction. On the one hand, cordless broom vacuum cleaners that in addition to being specific for carpets can be used with another type of surface. On the other, specific models for stain removers.

Each one has been analyzed and received an average rating. To do this, various criteria have been taken into account, such as the ones indicated below:

  • Construction: What is the finish of the vacuum cleaner? Is your workmanship good? And the materials that the manufacturer has used?
  • Performance: refers to how the vacuum cleaner behaves, if its operation is adequate, fulfills its function, if it releases dirt …
  • Manageability: it has also been taken into account, and that is why we have checked whether it is handled easily or, on the contrary, it costs more to control it.

This is how we have tested them

We have used each of these vacuums for several days. We have done it with carpets of different pile to check how they perform, what suction power they offer, the result it provides once we have finished cleaning, if the vacuum cleaner works as promised, the handling. We have also tested its capacities with other surfaces since, in addition to carpets, they allow cleaning other types of surfaces such as floors, upholstery.

The winning model has been the vacuum cleaner that stands out for its two-in-one design, its suction power and its integrated LED indicators that allow checking the battery status.

In addition to carpets, it can be used on hard surfaces as it includes two specific brushes for both surfaces. Another detail that must be taken into account, and that we liked a lot, is that it has a two-in-one design. What does this mean? Which can be used as the classic cordless broom vacuum cleaner or as a handheld vacuum cleaner: this second option has been more comfortable to handle and allows us to reach the different parts of the carpet more easily.


It is possible to choose between two types of suction (both with good results), one standard and one superior. The choice to choose one or the other is based on the dirt that the carpet has because it is not the same to clean particles that are almost invisible to the eye than other types of dirt. In addition, the autonomy of the battery varies slightly when choosing one suction or another. In our tests, the maximum autonomy we achieved was 40 minutes after using it for several sessions.