Finer Opportunities to Redo Your House in the Best Finish

Satin finish is Ideal for passage rooms, this finish can be applied in all rooms. It is washable, but be careful, with a soft sponge! Its shine gives it a different shade depending on daylight or artificial light in the evening.

Gloss finish: This type of finish is recommended in the kitchen and in the bathroom even if now a satin finish is more than enough. However, it is compulsory on doors and other frames to be painted. It will hold better on wood too.

Little reminder: When we talk about a gloss finish, we wrongly think of “glycerophthalic paint”. Instead, alkyd paint, which combines the advantages of oil paint (oil) and water paint, replaces it perfectly. It is respectful of the environment because it dries by evaporation of water and without releasing the substances harmful to our health contained in the glycerophthalic paint. Think about it. Now the painters and decorators south london you offer you the best support for the same.

Contemporary Living Room

Although new generation paints allow us to apply them on all surfaces, when it comes to wood, there are still some precautions to take:

  • A special wood undercoat is essential to level the grain.
  • After applying the first layer and before the second, re-sand lightly so that the second layer sticks better.
  • If your wood is old, it will absorb a lot more paint, a third coat will be necessary.

Finally, a stain will do the job better

Please note: For various reasons (humidity, change of season, poorly cleaned wall, inadequate underlayment, etc.), the paint may blister, do not catch on or be not uniform. Do not be discouraged and look for the cause.

Do you want something completely new, but don’t really know where to go? For decoration, it’s always a bit tricky, we’re afraid of making a mistake, of making the wrong choice. Using a decorator solves the problem.

Do you want to change the style of your interior without knowing how to do it, but above all without breaking the bank? It is sometimes difficult to choose which shade for a room and especially which harmony of colors to choose. In order not to be mistaken, there are a good number of decorative magazines and television programs.

But when that is no longer enough and you need the advice of a professional, the interior decorator is there! It is the professional to contact in case of lack of inspiration.