Everything that is relevant for the Lie Detector Tests

This is what you should know
about the use and legality of polygraph exams in companies and how it helps you
minimize risks in the selection of personnel.A great company like yours can’t
trust “good faith” when it comes to building its high-performance
team. Using polygraph exams in companies ensures the reliability of the
selection processes and avoids headaches.

A Forensic Psychophysiological or
polygraph examination allows to detect certain behavioral characteristics to
have a more accurate profile of who you hire.

Without the intention of invading
the privacy of people, as some might think, what you require in this case is to
avoid, above all, malicious behavior that may put your assets at risk, the
security of your information and the legality of your activities. For the best Lie detector test uk you can now find the
best choices now.

What is a polygraph exam?

The polygraph exam, known as a
“lie detector,” is an assessment that uses a scientific instrument to record a
person’s neurophysiological changes, following a protocol of questions that are
specifically constructed and after previous research to do a psychological
stimulation; with the intention of verifying the veracity of the information

This exam is also called Forensic Psychophysiological Exam because it uses scientific methods used worldwide to carry out investigations in different fields, such as criminalistics. It could be said that it is a study that evaluates how the mind interrelates with the body.

What is a polygraph?

It consists of specialized
software with connections to different sensors that receive and analyze the
evaluated person’s physiological reactions, after the stimulating questions,
and record them continuously in a graph.

It is composed of:

  • Pneumograph records the movements of the chest
    during breathing. Measure heart rate.
  • Sphygmomanometer , which has a sleeve and a
    manometer to measure blood pressure.
  • Galvanometer, with which the galvanic response
    or skin conductance (sweating) is recorded.
  • Motion sensor.

How does a polygraph exam work? Step by Step:

When you are going to apply this exam you should proceed like this:

Begin by doing the interview and
collecting relevant data to design the exam questions.

  • The interviewee must be explained what the exam
    is about, the concepts to be evaluated and how the polygraph works.
  • Once, the student has knowledge of the exam and
    the questions that will be asked, through the signing of an authorization
    document that states that he accepts the terms and submits voluntarily.
  • The instrument components are then arranged and
    connected to the interviewee to record their physiological reactions.
  • Once you are connected to the instrument, you
    start to ask the questions that generate the stimuli, and the answers will
    begin to be seen simultaneously on the graph.
  • The fact that each person reacts in a different
    way, guarantees that the examinee cannot make a variation to the answer.
  • Finally, the expert evaluating team must carry
    out the analysis of the registered reactions, which will determine if there is
    a lack of veracity.

Conditions for taking the exam

To avoid affecting the results of the test and
that the physiological state is not altered, those who undergo this test must
do so in stable health conditions, have slept well, have not ingested any
medication or psychoactive substance.